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The Career of Sugar Executive Gunawan Jusuf Has Never Been Easy

May 16, 2019

When one takes a look at his business background, it is clear that Gunawan Jusuf understands better than most other leaders just how precious and valuable all natural resources can be, although the most precious of all natural resources is water. Not only is water crucial to the lives of humans everywhere, but it is a critical component of his entire business model. That was his incentive behind Gunawan Jusuf’s publication of a book entitled “Blue Gold,” which discusses in great detail the relative scarcity and the high value of water as our most important and precious commodity.

As CEO, Gunawan Jusuf oversees a large number of plantations and refineries throughout Indonesia, as well as a dozen Sugar Group Companies offices. At its heart, Sugar Group Companies is actually a collection of businesses that operate both independently, as well as part of the larger group in order to reach the goals of the overall company. It is his ability to make sure that every employee, subsidiary company and the various offices and plants are all working together that could very well demonstrate Gunawan Jusuf's greatest accomplishment as Sugar Group Companies' leader.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf has helped to create enormous growth of products like Gulaku, a premium refined sugar product that has grown to become a household name throughout Indonesia. That is just one of his products, however. Sugar Group Companies is actually not actually a single company, but rather a collection of companies based in Indonesia that grow and refine sugar for the purpose of creating many sugar products.